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We have particularly enjoyed browsing the following web sites. We recommend anyone interested in mosquito entomology, mosquito control or just plain mosquito facts to visit them.

Please be sure to also check links to Articles and Publications specifically related to our products.

This list is maintained with your help and we welcome suggestions for additions of interesting or unusual sites related to mosquitoes. Please let us know if any link has become obsolete.
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Travelers' Health Advisory
The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) provides up-to-date health information for specific destinations, outbreak alerts, precautions, vaccination requirements. Includes mosquito-borne diseases.

List of Mosquito-Transmitted Diseases
Partial list of mosquito-borne diseases, also provided by the CDC.

Malaria Information Page (1)
Also provided by the CDC. You will learn that malaria occurs in over 100 countries and that, yearly, 300-500 million cases occur and more than 1 million people die of the disease.

Malaria Information Page (2)
Another great source of information on Malaria, prepared by the Department of Microbiology and Immunology, of the University of Leicester, UK.

Mosquito Attractants and Inhibitors
This article was published by Wing Beats of the Florida Mosquito Control Association, an official publication of the American Mosquito Control Association. It summarizes the progresses and challenges encountered by scientists looking for alternatives to pesticides in the control of biting insects.

General Mosquito Information
This site is prepared by the Why Files, University of Wisconsin-Madison. It is accessible to all, and very thorough. Plan to spend some time there if you want to learn about mosquitoes.

Bug Zappers: Do They Work?
Scientific evidence that zappers do more harm than good. The Dragonfly kills only mosquitoes and biting flies, but UV zappers kill 71 to 350 billion beneficial insects in the US each year according to this study in the Entomological News, which was posted on the Iowa State University Mosquito Lab web site by Donald Baumgartner of the EPA.

Insect Repellents May Be Harmful
Prepared by Duke University. Provides overview of the harmful effects heavy applications of insect repellents containing high concentrations of DEET can have on one's health, particularly on children's.

The home of the American Mosquito Control Association.

Mosquito L, the Mosquito Mailing List
The "official" mailing list for the discussion of topics related to mosquitoes. Provides communication among persons interested in mosquitoes. Maintained by John VanDyk of Iowa State University.

Mosquito Image Gallery
Also maintained by Iowa State, some nice photos of mosquitoes and other insects.

Young Entomologists' Society
Promotes entomology to future scientists with mobile mini-zoos, workshops and other educational programs.

Insect Sound Recordings
A library of insect sounds; Also check an interesting gallery of sounds, such as flies, crickets and cicadas.

Do Bats Control Mosquitoes?
Do bats, through their feeding, control mosquitoes, or any pests for that matter? This article, presented by the Texas Mosquito Control Association, takes a closer look at bats and their feeding behavior.

Biting Insects General Information Page
Do you want to find out about black flies or bedbugs? Find out when where they live and when they are active. Also some information about spiders and scorpions.

Garderning with Kids
Building a life-long interest in gardening - By starting young.

Mosquitoes 101
A consumer’s guide to various anti mosquito products.

An online ressource for lovers of gardening.

Good Bye Mosquitoes
Find out more about mosquitoes at Good Bye Mosquitoes

Candles i
Everything Candles, from 50 Candles to Yankee Candles.

The Comprehensive Science online Directory.


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